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About the author
Korban Blake has published numerous articles, poetry, and short stories and writes across multiple genres.

In the past, Korban Blake has worked as a journalist, an editor for a local newspaper, a private investigator and process server, and is currently based in the East Anglia region of the United Kingdom.

Published fiction work includes: Ringlands: A Kaplan Short Story, Ravenous Cavernous, and the non-fiction book Surviving The Cuts, And Other Disasters, a survival-ism guide, was published in March 2013 by Archaeopteryx Books.

Blake said of Surviving The Cuts, And Other Disasters: "I wrote about 'Preppers' in Surviving The Cuts, and the days of viewing those people who store food and essentials for their family 'just in case' as paranoid and crazy are really over. I think Hurricane Katrina, and other terrible events have changed everything for thousands of ordinary people. We know that we cannot depend on Governments to take care of us, so we must do it for ourselves. Being ready to take care of ourselves and our families - that's prepping."

Korban Blake is also an activist and campaigner for civil liberties, human rights and environmental issues, and against increased intrusive surveillance.


Practical solutions for coping with challenges of economic crisis and environmental disaster.

Increasingly people in the United Kingdom find providing for the family an exercise in survival in itself; while others aim to better prepare for larger-scale disaster.

An essential illustrated, plain English guide for people enduring austerity cuts; and Survivalists, or 'Preppers' in the UK and beyond.

Review: This is an extremely practical, well thought out guide to help meet the challenges brought by the cuts and also provides useful information on other eventualities. I read it from beginning to end over a weekend. Definitely recommended - Ann N.

Released: 2013-03-27
Publisher: Archaeopteryx Books
ISBN: 9781301381203

RINGLANDS: A Kaplan Short Story

After the suspicious deaths of his online friends, George Kaplan, an Internet activist, suspects his own life is also in danger and has no choice but to go on the run. Can he survive the seemingly relentless pursuit of the man he knows as ‘Glasses’, a tireless hunter with a murder mission and advanced technology at his disposal?

RINGLANDS is approximately 48 pages (approx. 12,000 words) in length and is the first of the Kaplan short stories, set in modern Britain.

RINGLANDS is dedicated to the memory and work of Aaron H. Swartz, November 8, 1986 – January 11, 2013. Champion of citizen-driven political change.

Praise for Ringlands::
"Gripped, from start to finish. There is a strong message here - world, take notice and act NOW, before it's too late!" - Abigail Hart

Released: 2013-01-30
Publisher: Archaeopteryx Books
ISBN-10: 148258025X / ISBN-13: 978-1482580259


Ravenous Cavernous is a quirky fantasy-comedy short story which tackles - in a lighthearted and slightly bonkers way - the things we fear and why we fear them; and the tinkering with of traditional tales by creatures that should probably sometimes just leave things be.

While being pursued by the Gregaritons - a horde of body-part-swapping beasts who are currently sharing one eye, and on the hunt for more nostrils - Poilu-Flux inadvertently runs straight into the phenomenal arms of something that is only spoken of in cautionary tales.

"It simply didn’t do to have nostrils, only to go and fill them with foul things, he thought."

"The Gregaritons first paid Ethelberry Hy a visit and were directed toward the Ashanta village local shops where Poilu-Flux worked on days with a Z in the name serving kindles in small papyrus bags to small-lings. On this particular day, which was a Dim Day, he was at home, so he knew nothing of the Gregaritons visit ..."

"... in terms of deadliness ... it wasn’t even as bad as the MoiShoi, which was known for having a particularly venomous wink."

Comments for Ravenous Cavernous::
"I love the way you have made up new words, and the dialogue between the Gregaritons. Very funny."

"This could be great for young people and adults too. Much like the appeal of Roald Dahl's stories, it has the ability to cross genres and delight a range of people."

Released: 2013-02-12
Publisher: Archaeopteryx Books
ISBN: 9781301766505


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