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Death Abyss by Korban Blake

Quote Gripped, from start to finish. There is a strong message here - world, take notice and act NOW, before it's too late!

Abigail Hart- about Ringlands: A Kaplan Short Story

      This is an extremely practical, well thought out guide to help meet the challenges brought by the cuts and also provides useful information on other eventualities. I read it from beginning to end over a weekend. Definitely recommended.

      Ann Nicholls, Look See Click Photography - about Surviving The Cuts, And Other Disasters


Released: 2013-03-27
Publisher: Archaeopteryx Books
ISBN: 9781301381203
List Price: 4.99
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Ravenous Cavernous by Korban BlakeRAVENOUS CAVERNOUS

Released: 2013-02-12
Publisher: Archaeopteryx Books
ISBN: 9781301766505
List Price: 0.99
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October 2014:

DEATH ABYSS book cover launched.  Look to the right.  There it is!  Doesn't it look eerie/evil?  The book is due for publication in the next couple of months - sorry, cannot be any more specific than that just now - but I hope that when you do get to read it you'll agree it was worth the wait.

September 2014:

The DEATH ABYSS: Interactive House of Horror returns to Second Life!

For the month of October and, in particular, Halloween night, be sure to check out Korban Blake's Death Abyss, where you are sure to get a fright (if you're into that sort of thing).  Open 24 hours.  It's got wolves, ghosts, skeletons, blood, gore, zombies and more.  Most things in the house animate your avatar (visitors have particularly enjoyed the bathroom!) so do check it out if you're in-world.  Search for 'Death Abyss' or click here for the SLURL.

The corresponding book is due to for publication in the near future, so watch this space.

Korban Blake on Second LifeTalking of which, Korban's publisher, Archaeopteryx Books, now has an in-world presence at the following locations, where Raxial Resident is known to lurk:

Archaeopteryx Books, Xanthorhoe
Muse Harbour, Written Word, Cookie
West End, London City

Death Abyss by Korban Blake

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